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- Platinum Club -

Donation of $3,000.00 or more

Colleen & Van Maussner

Thomas B. (Bart) Payne

John & Marge Atkinson

Chris & David W. Stanton

Paul Graham


- Gold Club -

Donation of $1,000.00 or more

James M. Reaves

Sue & Sam Coursen

Michele-Ann & Ron Frey

Dianne & Ed Poland

Nancy & Gary Papa

Arthur 0. Marinelli

Howard J. Pomroy

Linda & Rob Kuzy

Mr. & Mrs. E. Allen Maussner

Louis Casarnento

James Robertson (In memory of Sandy)

Southern Chapter NJWOA

Howie & JoAnn O’Neil & Family

Myra & Gene Kain

Wil Goodwin

Albert Sye

Dr. David Allen Frisby III

Dave & Susan Miller

Todd P. Young

John C. Tettis

Betty and John Vogeding

Joe Foulk

Mike Schuld

Polly & Hank Schnepf

Betty Lou & Lou Coursen

Robert V. Cirrocki

Jim TenBrook

John Leek
In memory of Mom and Dad



- Silver Club -

Donation of $500.00 or more

Mildred R. & Tony M. Petrillo

John & Grace Sanders

Judy & Sam Evangelista

John Semar

Dr. Peter Schantz

Edwin Rivera

Dr. & Mrs. Dennis Hurley

Joan & Michael Cunningham

Anna & Jack Hartford

Rick Ventura

Hector Rivera

Hector Rivera


- Bronze Club -


Donation of $250.00 or more

Peter Paul Limanni

Bob Fredrick

Bernie Reider

Henry C. Mazzoni

Robert and Sandra Hogan

Dr. David Allen Frisby III


Carlo & Mary Ellen Giovannitti

Dale Bonsall

Frank J. McAleer

Paul E. & Janet Mauriello

Richard & Karen Hicks

Scott Griscom

James R. Wright




The Platinum, Gold. Silver and Bronze Clubs are open to any contributor. The South Jersey Wrestling Hall of Fame Organization, Inc. is a non-profit organization and all donations are tax deductible. The money raised is geared toward our projects. including $1,000.00 grants that will be presented to four graduating seniors each March at the annual Regions 7&8 Awards Dinner. To make any size donation, call Executive Committee Chairman Howie O'Neil 856-845-2672.

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